R4. Stone Giants

Serrella mountain range from Morro Salvia.

Serrella - Quatretondeta Mountain Range

El Morro de Serrella from El Recingle Alt.

Paraje Els Frares

7-8 km (3 – 4 h).
Stone formations in Les Agulles dels Frares site.

Els Frares - Quatretondeta

Els Frares in spring.

Font de l'Espinal - Quatretondeta

Font de l’Espinal in Els Frares.

Els Frares

End of the ascent on the left slope of Barranco Hondo.

El alto de El Castellet

The Guadalest reservoir and el alto de El Castellet from Els Racons.[/stumble]

Guadalest Reservoir

Guadalest reservoir from Beniardá.

Barranco del Manecillo

Barranco del Manecillo in l’Abdet.

Pico de Serrella - Port d'Ares

Summit of Pico de Serrella from its southwestern base.

Pico de Serrella

Valle del Ceta desde el Pico de Serrella (Recingle Alt).

Route 4: Stone Giants

Feeling small at the feet of those columnar formations that resemble stony giants.

This route aims to bring the visitor closer to one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the province of Alicante and discover some of its most emblematic corners. It is proposed to start the tour in the place of Les Agulles dels Frares de Quatretondeta with the healthy intention that the hiker feels small at the feet of those columnar formations that resemble giant stone, to finish, as lords of the horizon, at the top of the Serrella Mountain range, where we will have incredible views of the valley of the Ceta, located to the north, as well as of the Serrella Mountain range.

This 42 km route has a great difficulty, with a footpath of several kilometers on a very steep terrain, but a high scenic value and scientific interest. It also includes some simple alternatives to enjoy this wonderful environment.

It may require an off-road vehicle or consider a 2-day route if ascents to the Serrella mountain range are made on foot. In this case, it is recommended to dedicate one day to each side of the mountain.

In addition, two routes are proposed on foot to the highlights (distance indicated for going and returning):

  • Paraje Els Frares: 7-8 km (3–4 h).
  • Pico de Serrella (Recingle Alt): 3 km (1,5 h).

Route 4

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  • Scientific interest 100%
  • Didactical interest 40%
  • Recreational interest 20%
  • Scenic value 100%
  • Difficulty 100%

Highlighted Places of Hydrogeological Interest

Els Frares between landslides

Els Frares

The place called Els Frares is a singular enclave located to the north of Serrella. Frares, which in Spanish means friars, a name that is very widespread in the Iberian peninsula for certain morphologies made up of individualized or grouped rocky pinnacles.

Highly eroded and permeable carbonate formation due to cracking and karstification. The section to be covered is located in the municipality of Quatretondeta. Follow the signs (yellow and white stripes) for a short route that will lead us after 2.5 km to the source of l’ Espinal.

From here, ascending a little higher, we will be located at the foot of the northern slope of Serrella Mountain Range and at the eastern end of Els Frares, which we will be able to cross towards the west.

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