R5. Agres River

With the framework and natural richness of the northern slope of the Sierra Mariola and valley of the Agres River..


Situated at the foot of the Sierra Mariola, in the Agres valley, surrounded by all the plant wealth of the Natural Park.

Molí Pantanet

Flour mill, from medieval times, excavated in the same rock.

Molí Pantanet Millstone


Molí Pantanet Weir

Sound waterfall by the weir of Molí Pantanet.

Cova de la Font Spring

Pond of irrigators with a fantastic balcony overlooking the village of Alfafara and the valley.

Azud Fountain

A fountain with a recreational area located in the urban centre of Alfafara.

Alfafara Village Fountain

The water from the Cova de la Font spring flows to this fountain.

Font Molí Mató

The source of the font is in an inaccessible place

Azud de Agres Spring

The remaining waters of the spring are taken to the Font del Assut, Fonteta, Font del Mig, Font Barxeta, and the municipal washing place, precipitating later by the Barranco de El Molí.

Mariola Mountain Range

Authentic natural paradise, with rugged mountainous landscapes of great beauty, of high biological and botanical interest, with a large number of fountains, cavas or snow pits, farmhouses…

Route 5: Agres River

Magical hideouts of water and fountains in quiet forests, which take us to another time.

Slightly less than 9 kilometers between the municipalities of Agres and Alfafara, in the extreme north of the province of Alicante, which lead us through the natural richness of the northern slope of the Mariola Mountain Range and valley of the Agres river. We will be able to contemplate flour mills built in full rock, numerous outcrops on the hillside of the Mariola Mountain Range that drain the aquifer of Agres, hideouts conditioned around springs and walk through the old streets of the urban centers of Alfafara and Agres, with fountains and washing places still in use every few meters.

In this route, as in none of the others, we can move to another era, in the early twentieth century, when the silence of the valley of the Serpis river was only broken by the steam engine of the Chicharra train, and discover a valley with populations not affected by the industrial and urban development.

Water on the route

Water and its sources are one of the great natural riches of the Mariola Mountain Range. The course of the Agres River and the valley that forms it can be seen from all the enclaves of this route. It is a small fluvial course, with little flow, which barely covers 12 km until it flows into the Serpis river, a municipal district of Alcocer de Planes, near the tail of the Beniarrés reservoir.
This river feeds on the multiple outcrops that from the northern slope of the Mariola Mountain Range, descend in the form of ravines to merge with the river course. In this hillside, in just 5 km, there are slopes near 900 m.

Route 5

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Featured enclaves

Molí Pantanet Weir

1. Alfafara and Molí Pantanet

Alfafara is located in the extreme north of the province of Alicante, in the Comtat region. It is located at the foot of the Sierra Mariola mountain range, in the Agres valley, surrounded by all the plant wealth of the Natural Park, and crossed by the numerous watercourses and fountains that rise on the northern slope of it.

Molí Pantanet, purchased in September 1637 from a neighbour of Bocairente by the village of Alfafara, is located in the middle of a ravine, surrounded by trees and vegetation.

Font Tarragó conditioned with a recreational area

2. Font Tarragó and Alfafara fountains

Fountains and recreational areas very suitable for family enjoyment. La Font Tarragó, located under a large mass of trees, about 800 m south of the town centre, and equipped with a recreational area.

The Alfafara Fountain, built at the beginning of the 19th century and up to which the water from the Cova de la Font spring is led, and the Source of the Azud, located in the same urban nucleus and with a newly conditioned recreational area.

Trampano fountain always used for agricultural and livestock use.

3. Trampano Fountain

Small fountain located on a margin of the ravine Mont Blanc that drains the same waters as the Font del Molí to its irrigation pond. It has always been used for agricultural and grazing purposes in the surrounding area.

Currently, it is used and managed by a few irrigators of the environment.

Font Molí Mató with recreational area

4. Molí Mató Fountain

450 m away from the Zamorano Mountain Refuge we find the Fuente del Molí Mató.

The point of emergence of this fountain is located a few metres upstream, in the Cova de Mont Blanc, from where the water descends through gutters, making three jumps that beautify the cornered recreational area.

Convent of the Virgen del Castillo de Agresa.

5. Convent of Agres

The Convent of the Virgen del Castillo de Agres, built in the second half of the XVI century on the old Muslim castle of Agres of the XV century, is one of the most emblematic and visited places of all the region, as much for its religious importance, very special in September with the Virgen festivities, as for its natural environment, being located in the heart of the Natural Park of the Mari Mountain Range.

Font de l’Anficosset

6. Font de l’Anficosset

This fountain is located in the municipal district of Agres, very close to the Bronze deposit of Moleta de Agres, and is perfectly signposted next to the path that leads to it. Its name comes from the diminutive of “l’ ampicòs, alficòs o alpicòs”, the fruit of “l’ alficossera”, from the family of melons.


Molí Pantanet from medieval times

E1. Alfafara to Molí Pantanet

This first excursion, some 4 km long, descends towards the valley of the Agres River, along the banks of the Pantanet riverbed, until it reaches a remote medieval flour mill built on the same rock, crossing a strip of territory plagued by the history of the region. For its length, we recommend this excursion on foot, being able to reach by car the path that leads to the Pantanet Mill.

Cova de la Font Spring.

E2. Alfafara Fountains

Circular excursion of about 4 km with start and end at the Albergue Font de Tarragó. The visit starts in the Font del Tarragó and its recreational area, and continue to various enclaves of springs and fountains, such as the Cova de la Font spring and the irrigators’ pond with a fantastic balcony overlooking the village of Alfafara and the washing place, a curious hideout which still accomplish its function for the habitants of this singular town, and the Azud Fountain, with its garden and park.

Font Molí Mató

E3. Font Molí Mató

The excursion crosses a natural micro-reserve of Flora in which there are a good number of endemic plant species that make the Mariola Mountain Range so special. The source of this spring’s emergence point is in an inaccessible place, in the Cova de Mont Blanc. From this descends through three waterfalls to a small raft that allows you to have a magnificent panoramic view of the valley.

Font de L' Assut. Azud de Agres Spring

E4. Agres Fountains

In this excursion of little more than 1.5 km you will travel through the small village of Agres, with steep streets and with fountains and washes in various corners. The itinerary begins in Convent or Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Castle, with the first enclave located just below: the Font del Convent. You then arrive at the square where the fountain of the Azud de Agres, the Font de L’ Assut and the washing place are located, and then you can visit many other fountains such as Molí, Fonteta, Font del Mig or Raval.

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