Blue by Water Landscapes in the province of Alicante

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R1. Entre cuevas y barrancos

Route 1. Among caves and gorges

A wonderful journey through the different types of morphology created by water over time.

R2. Grutas frente al mar

Route 2. Grottos facing the sea

We will become pirates looking for treasure, in this case, scenic and educational treasures.

R3. Del cielo al mar

Route 3. From the sky to the sea

On this route, travellers become a drop of rain that falls on the mountains.

R4. Gigantes de piedra

Route 4. Stone gigants

Feel small at the bottom of the column-shaped formations that look like stone giants. 

R5. Simas y dolinas

Route 5. Chasms and dolinas

The highest peak in the province of Alicante offers indescribable views.

R6. Tierra de cárcavas

Route 6. Land of gullies

On this route the intense colours of the land constrast with the intense blue of the sky.

R7. Salinas y lagunas

Route 7. Salt lakes and lagoons

A mixture of the blues of the sky and sea and the whites of the clouds and salt mountains.

R8. La montaña de la sal

Route 8. The Salt Mountain

Visitors will understand the importance of water in general, and groundwater in particular, to everyday life.

R9. Persiguiendo manantiales

Route 9. In search of springs

Travellers will understand how aquifers catch, store and transfer water resources.

R10. Cascadas y remansos

Route 10. Waterfalls and backwaters

Springs, perennial water sources, entrenched gorges with breath-taking waterfalls and lagoons.

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